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 Organ transplantation and sight restoration.

Audrey Talley Rostov is working on a new exhibit about organ transplantation and specifically sight restoration at the Exploratorium, the San Francisco Science Center.

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Karolinne Rocha on Achieving Better Than 20/20 Vision

In this interview from the 2015 ASCRS Symposium, Dr. Karolinne Rocha discusses the iTrace and the HD Analyzer, new diagnostic technologies that identify and measure aberrations, helping surgeons make optimal choices to maximize vision outcomes for premium IOL patients.

The iTrace integrates wavefront aberrometry with corneal topography, measuring both corneal and total aberrations to isolate internal aberrations of the eye. The device is particularly helpful when deciding between a refractive lens exchange and keratorefrative surgery in patients with dysfunctional lens syndrome.

The HD Analyzer produces a dynamic aberration map using light scanning and double-pass retinal imaging. Dr. Rocha has used the device to identify patients with tear film instability and to quantify dry eye symptoms, allowing her to plan for treatment prior to surgery and set realistic surgical goals with patients.

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Dee Stephenson, President of American College of Eye Surgeons 2015-2017

Congratulations to Dee Stephenson, MD who was elected President of the American College of Eye Surgeons 2015-2017.

The Ophthalmologist Top 40 Under 40

The Ophthalmologist just announced the 2015 Power List of the top 40 most influential people in ophthalmology under 40 which includes Elizabeth Yeu, David Goldman, John Berdahl and Jonathan Soloman.  Congratulations to all.  For the complete list click here

Ophthalmic Women's Leaders 2015 Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Audrey Talley-Rostov who was presented the Women's Visionary Award by OWL at ASCRS in San Diego.

Vision For Mars Challenge winners announced

The National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI, Houston) Industry Forum has selected and funded 3 companies to further develop unique technologies that address visual problems in space as well as on Earth. These companies are Annidis (Grandville, Mich.), which has developed the Annidis RHA ophthalmoscope; Equinox (Sioux Falls, S.D.), founded by John Berdahl, MD, who is developing the Balance Goggles; and Web Vision Centers Group (South Jordan, Utah), which will work with several vision lens companies to customize adjustable prescription glasses for spaceflight.

Alcon Live Surgery Event

Cathleen McCabe, MD is participating in the Alcon Live Surgery event for Saturday April 18th. The surgery itself will take place in Texas in the morning after which Dr. McCabe is flying into the ASCRS meeting in San Diego.

AAO mid forum in DC

Maria Scott, MD is representing OOSS as a counselor for the AAO mid forum in DC. The meeting includes a few days with elected officials.